Partner Event

Friday, November 13, 2020 | 9:30am – 3:30pm | Register Now!

UH Ventures and NASA Glenn Research Center invite you to the next installment of the Health Voyagers Series, New Frontiers: Innovating for Systemness and Well-being.


NASA ventures fearlessly into the unknown. A national beacon of innovation, the agency is no stranger to setting bold objectives, pursuing daunting missions, and innovating rapidly. University Hospitals has overcome formidable challenges over its 150+ year history in response to the needs of our community. UH is in a state of transformation once again, with COVID-19 as the catalyst for our own venture into the unknown. UH is re-envisioning healthcare, starting with purposefully designing our own organization as a fully connected, adaptive system. By achieving systemness and embracing unchartered territories, UH will serve as a guardian of well-being of Northeast Ohio.

What can we learn from NASA to ensure that UH and our peers across the nation continue to pursue this role? What will it take for healthcare to fully accept the torch of innovation in America, as NASA did in the 20th century?

Join us Friday, November 13th for an illuminating discussion between UH and NASA. We are exploring the unlikely parallels between space exploration and the next era of healthcare. The day will feature a variety of panels, and keynote addresses featuring NASA executives, scientists, and astronauts, as well as UH leaders, researchers, and clinicians. Topics include Next Generation Mission Control, Remote Monitoring, Astronautics and Athletics, and many more.

We will be adding more information to this page shortly, including: speaker bios, agenda, panel topics and more!