An Economic Development Partnership Driving New Forms of Regional Collaboration

Removing Obstacles to Collaborative Innovation

The Aerozone Alliance represents an unprecedented partnership between business representatives, county officials, mayors and managers, community planners and regional / federal technology and innovation experts. Together, these partners – nonprofits, federal labs, government agencies, private sector actors and municipalities – are collectively tackling what none of them can accomplish alone: creating a world-class innovation district to live, work and grow.

These partners are empowered to create an environment with fewer obstacles on the path to innovation and business growth. The district builds upon the already impressive ecosystem radiating from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and the NASA Glenn facility. The Ohio Department of Transportation estimates the annual economic output from Hopkins alone at $4.6 billion.

The Place to Be

The Aerozone is a prime location for organizations intent on reaching global markets, leveraging highly skilled talent and those that are doing or want to do business with NASA. The proximity to these unique assets can catalyze the commercialization of research & development and spin-off activity. It’s a virtuous cycle with a proven track record: Where smart people and smart organizations congregate, good things happen.

We’re constructing a dynamic economic platform for Northeast Ohio’s next generation of regional job growth and economic success. We’d love to explore how you can play a part in this emerging success story.

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